Friday, August 23, 2013

Gillespie Treeapartment no more

Josh and I bought our first home this month. The journey was long, searching for over two years, but we saw the Lord's faithfulness so clearly.

We closed last Friday, the 16th. After sitting in the car together for a few minutes saying not much more than "", we went home to get Ella from the sitter, changed into painting clothes, and headed to OUR house! 

The first thing I wanted to tackle was Ella's room. It is the only room on the second floor that we are painting and I wanted it ready for her to move in. 

The room was previously a mixture between a light mint color and scuff marks. We began painting the baseboards white, then painted the walls grey to match her room decor and quilt.

And now for the new and improved color! 

Ella approves! 

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