Friday, June 15, 2012

The Kick of an Angel

You know that feeling, when you meet someone you just know is totally awesome. The only bad part is waiting until you get to see them again. Usually you wait a total of 2 days to see that someone, although it feels more like 10. I'm currently in a 22-week countdown, and I'm dying inside.

More accurately, the anticipation of meeting my little angel growing inside me is killing me. This week, the baby has started moving more, and I'm addicted to those little soft kicks from inside. Today, we got the pleasure of knowing more about our little one. After eating a spoonful of peanut butter our angel started dancing their heart out!

Although, this research is not conclusive - we know that our little one either LOVES peanut butter, or is allergic to it. If they know what is best for them - they will chose the first option and develop a love for buckeyes!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Threw Up How Many Times?

Our wedding was definitely one of the most meaningful and terrible days of my life.

I know every bride is supposed to say her wedding day was the best day of all time - and in a few huge ways - it was. I married the man of my dreams, we shared our vows before God and our families, and I shared a fresh new life.

In a few ways, it was also a heartbreaking day. We had put some much energy and time into planning every single detail. I knew the cost of every single item in the room, the location of every feather, and the inside of every toilet.

I threw up a total of 13 times, the grand finale of which included Josh calling my mother after I threw up blood in our hotel room - which happened to be sandwiched between two of Josh's aunts...

Although this was definitely a rocky start to our life together, it also demonstrated to me just how wonderful Josh is. He never left my side, sat with me while I cried in the hallway, tasted all the food I couldn't, and kissed me even after I threw up in a stone wall!

He is my prince, and I love him more today than I did yesterday, as we celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Here's to 57 more! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby Brain to the Rescue...or Demise

Some people don't believe in "baby brain" - and I probably would have been a skeptic if I ever thought about babies before 4 months ago. I however, have a serious case of "baby brain."

Yesterday, I left the house for only 2 reasons - to send my niece her birthday present, and to buy Josh an anniversary card. I made it to Borders to buy Bekka a book, but forgot the gift receipt...I made it to Target for cards, got a birthday card but forget the anniversary one. Then, off to FedEx, only to forget to insert the card in the package.

Here's to hoping I don't have people waiting for me at dinners, un-returned voice mails, and overdue library books. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedded Bliss

As Josh and I approach our 3rd anniversary, I have been reflecting on how much we have grown. The little things we used to do or say to drive the other one crazy have disappeared. We know the "buttons" and we avoid them - but not just for the sake of saving a fight - but because we better understand each other, better respect each other, and better love each other.

I wouldn't trade our memories and growth for anything. We heard it a million times before we got married, but it really is true, that "it gets easier after 2 years." After going through it personally, I believe it takes 2 years because that is the required time for each person to work out their personal crap that God has been nudging us on for year.

I'm grateful for God's provision of a wonderful man. I have learned so much more choosing a mate - and I'm so glad that in God's great wisdom, He provided things I didn't even know I needed.

I love you Josh!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Once was Blind, but Now I See

Even though I'm just beginning my journey into motherhood, these last four months have really opened my eyes. I don't think I've ever truly appreciated my mom before. If I compare how much I love this little avacado-size baby growing inside me, to the amount of love and energy my mom put into me by the age of 17 when I wanted to do my own thing - and NEVER be seen with her - it must have broken her heart!

I know my days of sacrifice are still to come - when I think of all I've given up already - blue cheese, sleeping on my back, Panera sandwiches, COFFEE, and wine - it doesn't even compare to the sacrifice my mother made. Thanks mom for working extra shifts to allow me to take music lessons, for taking two weeks of vacation to WORK at Deer Run so I could go to camp, for driving me to friends' houses, for staying up late as I finished homework, for the financial sacrifice so I could have braces, and the list goes on and on.

Most of all - I'm grateful for the sacrifice that both of my parents made to send me to Christian school and college, for making youth group a priority, and taking the time to discipline us and guide is the way of the Master. 

I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be day in next 18 years that I don't stop and just think how lucky I am to have the parents that I do - that they loved me enough to raise me to love Jesus.