Sunday, June 5, 2016

Third trip to Living Treasure

On May 24th we went to Living Treasures with some friends from MOPS. We had such a lovely day! So thankful for friends to share life with!

Evie did really well with the kangaroos! 

Spoiled with Date Nights

Josh and I were spoiled rotten in May with not 1, not 2, but 3 wonderful dates!

The first we got a sitter for and went to dinner and bowling. We hadn't been bowling in probably 4 years. [Josh gets a little sad to go bowling without his ball now...somehow in the move from DC it cracked in half. haha].

Josh got the chicken sandwhich with a ramen noodle bun -- it sounds super gross. but was actually really tummy. 

This guy has some awesome form! 

Please not I'm winning. And for those of you who don't understand -- Josh was on a bowling team in highschool - and bowled a 300 -- with the ring to prove it. So bowling is kinda his thing and to be honest my arm starts to hurt after one game, so me winning is huge! Don't worry - he won in the end. 

Look at my awesome score. Didn't win but still super pumped. 

Our second fabulous date was provided by our amazing small group. Every four weeks our small group rotates taking turns going out on dates, while the other couples watch our kids. We went to Breakneck Tavern in Mars - everything was amazing!!! We loved everything.

Our third date was so stinkin' amazing! My parents came down for Memorial Day weekend and watched the girls over night so we could go away as an early (7th) anniversary get away.

We left on Friday night - went to Sienna Mercato in the city. I had their ball of the month - Gyro ball. On my goodness! And a grapefruit beer.

We had high ambitions of eating our ways through all 3 floors of the restaurant, but we were too full. So, we walked to the water.

From the water we could see down to Heinz Field - and some how I came up with the wonderful idea to walk all the way to the casino. Which was really nice - but after we looked it up online it was 1.7 miles away. haha. Along the water, we stopped at Burgatory and got some shakes to give us the energy to continue the trek.

Once we got to the casino, we were honestly a little lost and confused - but come on - it's only our 2nd time in a casino - what's to be expected. After we walked around for a bit - we found the smoke free area - yippee. We settled into our penny slots!

Our biggest winnings - $3.00! 

We decided to take the metro home - for obvious reasons! My first time on the Pittsburgh metro. Kinda, almost, maybe, made me miss DC....

We got a little lost getting to our hotel, and on top of our 1.7 miles to the casino - we were happy to be settled in!

In the morning we slept until 9:15 - honestly no idea how long it's been since that's happened. We stopped to get an amazing coffee, then off to the strip. It was late, so we got a few simple doughnuts from Peace, Love, & Mini Donuts. I got the siagon cinnamon and the ginger sugar - they were both very good.

We had an amazing lunch at CoIangelos - it had Sicilian pizza. Oh my goodness - it was to die for!

Then we walked around the strip and just enjoyed the wonderful weather. So grateful for this time away together!

Fun in the Sun All in Days on May

Again - we were so blessed with wonderful weather this month!

I love our deck so much - we have so much fun out there!

Ella was using her water gun to shoot the ants off of my peonies. 

Once again, climbed all by herself. 

picking the wild strawberries - and then putting them in a planter. It was too hard to explain they wouldn't grow...

breakfast on the deck has become our new favorite thing. 

Little Girl Sweetness in the Month of May

These two angels brighten my day and stretch my heart daily. I'm so grateful for all the smiles and love they bring to our home.

Mother's Day photo booth at Church

We switched Evie's sheet to be forward facing. 

Trying to sit in the dollhouse chair. 

writing on one of our thankfulness leaves. 

Peekaboo Evie! 

Everyone got their nails painted.