Sunday, June 5, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter is such a sweet time. I love talking to my girls about Jesus' love for us - and although I know most of it doesn't sink it - we are going to build on this for years to come!

We went to a local egg hunt with our sweet friends. Ella wasn't into the egg hunt. like at all. Not even "There is candy in the eggs" was motivating this girl!

A few days later we had an egg hunt with our MOPS group. Ella definitely opened up to the idea of candy eggs!

Last year, after Easter, I bought a foam egg wreath kit on clearance, and the girls had a ball putting it together. It has lots of character - and I love it!

Good Friday service at church

My talented mom made Ella's dress and coat. 
 We attend the Easter service on Saturday night - which does feel a little strange, but helps our church open up spots for visitors on Easter Sunday.

The bunny cake - a Bezanson family tradition. This year I made my carrot cake from scratch. 
 Ella finding and exploring her Easter basket.
Bubble thing from Dad

Tinkerbell doll

Elsa socks

Evie eating her stickers

Filling the Easter Eggs. :)

Helping me decorate the Bunny Cake

bubble gun! 

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