Sunday, June 5, 2016

Preschool - April 2016

We all know "terrible twos" and people say it is the hardest -- but honestly -- I think "threenagers" is so much worse!!!! Sorry for all my friends with 2 year olds and that excited to get to three...I'm striving to reach the 4-year old mark! ahhh. 

So...due to our heavy 3-year old attitude, we haven't done much school this spring - it's honestly just too exhausting to fight over, but here are a few things we did. 

Working on sounding out words. She can do it - she knows all her letter sounds and can get every sound in the word - she just has a hard time "pushing" all the letters together to hear the word. So - we practiced with little tiles we have from another game. Once she sounded out the letters, she was allowed to flip over the picture to see if she got it right!

Color sorting and counting! 

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