Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friends Make a Town a Home

Establishing roots in a new place inevitably takes longer than you even think possible.

And unfortunately for me, vulnerability is a look I don't wear well. I always find some reason to hold back, close up, and ultimately sell myself short. I am constantly telling myself that I'll open up more, next time.

I had wonderful friends in DC, which made moving all the harder. Their friendship is the only thing I miss about that city. Even with my shyness, hesitancy to let go, and brand new bout of social awkwardness I've made some fabulous friends. And you know what, they love me for me.

That is one thing I've learned since leaving college - true friends (the ones that will laugh with you, celebrate with you, cry with you, and most importantly tell you truth) are hard to come by. I'm planning to hold onto these two for a long time. We were joking last night as I downed my third (whole wheat) peanut butter cookie that they weren't going to judge me "because they are my thighs I can treat them anyway I want" and I think that is the center of true friendship. I've learned to let go and let be.

Open up your heart and calendar to true friendship, and make your town your home.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

An Apple a Day...

...keeps the doctor away, or so the saying goes. But what does a bushel of apples do? Apparently keeps you baking for days!

Josh planned a date to go apple picking at a local orchard, Half Crown. Having eyes bigger than our bellies, we naturally selected the largest bag for apple picking. This one glutenous decision lead to hours in the kitchen!

The first thing I wanted to bake, was obviously an apple pie...correction, make that "apple pies". After 3 apple pies, then came 3 loaves of apple bread, then the apple muffins, applesauce, and finally apple stuffed pork.

I'll give you a few tips: extra thinly sliced apples for the pie; nutmeg in the applesauce; and goat cheese applesauce in the pork.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cleaning Around Yourself

Since each and everyone of us are "Everyday Super Women" we have to find ways to get about 50 things done a day, and that's a low estimate! Whether that means working, making dinner, planning birthday parties, or cleaning the bathrooms - they are all important, and weigh equally as heavy on our minds. So - how do we go about life? How do we get absolutely everything done without going crazy or making our husbands crazy?

Ultimately, every "Everyday Super Woman" is going to have a different tactic that works for her - mine - check lists. I LOVE the satisfaction of checking something off my to-do list. (At times I'm guilty of adding something to my list I'm already working on just so I can check it off!). Besides the productivity-high I get from finishing everything on my list, I truly that after finding my organizational chi, I get more done, I redeem my hours better.

The one lesson I've learned this year about running around attemping to clean up everything before it even needs it or trying to fix problems before they even arise, is to settle. Now I know your mom told you never to settle - and you shouldn't, on certain things. However, how clean your bathrooms are, how frequently you vacuum your living room, and shopping for Christmas in October are definitely all things you should welcome second best at. Take the time that you would spend polishing your toilet and enjoy a glass a wine or catch up with an old friend.

Redeem your hours better today.