Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friends Make a Town a Home

Establishing roots in a new place inevitably takes longer than you even think possible.

And unfortunately for me, vulnerability is a look I don't wear well. I always find some reason to hold back, close up, and ultimately sell myself short. I am constantly telling myself that I'll open up more, next time.

I had wonderful friends in DC, which made moving all the harder. Their friendship is the only thing I miss about that city. Even with my shyness, hesitancy to let go, and brand new bout of social awkwardness I've made some fabulous friends. And you know what, they love me for me.

That is one thing I've learned since leaving college - true friends (the ones that will laugh with you, celebrate with you, cry with you, and most importantly tell you truth) are hard to come by. I'm planning to hold onto these two for a long time. We were joking last night as I downed my third (whole wheat) peanut butter cookie that they weren't going to judge me "because they are my thighs I can treat them anyway I want" and I think that is the center of true friendship. I've learned to let go and let be.

Open up your heart and calendar to true friendship, and make your town your home.

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