Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Idlewild Trip 2016

This summer for our family vacation we took an overnight trip to Idlewild and Living Treasures. It was nice to get away for a quick trip and I loved the time together. 

Heading out. 
 We went down to the other Living Treasure location - we got free admission with our season passes but they had a few different animals, so it was fun to explore.

The two brown bears were so cool. They kept running around in circles and then doing this strange head bob at the crowd. Scary, but cute. 

Our attempt to get a family pic with the bear in the back. .... #fail

The alligators at this location were so terrifying. There was a little platform hanging over open water and it seriously looked like I built it....I basically stood as far away as I could with a hand on the girls to catch them before they could fall to hungry alligators. 

These creepy things were mini donkeys...but it looked to me more like bunnies mixed with donkeys - truly it was concerning. 

You guys!!!! Check out that cow's tongue. OMG. So terrible. Josh and Evie were definitely enthralled. vomit.

They had this cute little gazebo out over a lake. Once again, totally terrifying and not fortified in any way. But Ella loved it! There were turtles and ducks in the water.

DINGOS. (And Ella read that sign next to them all by herself)

We circled back around to the bears - they were just so cute! 

We stopped to visit the Flight 93 memorial. It was the September 11th weekend, so they were having a wonderful memorial, so I didn't take many pictures, but it was beautiful.

We stayed in a hotel that night - which is always an adventure with two little ones. Although we had them separated and Evie in her pack n play - but they could still see each other. Oh boy - they stayed up for two extra hours just laughing.

The main event - Idlewild. Josh remembers going as a child, so this was really fun to take our girls.
First in line. 

Sorry babe, but this is worth the montage.

Ella loved the new castle at the end - which to be honest, I wasn't really impressed with the rest of Storybrook Forest - but I was glad she enjoyed this part.

The train!

First ride of the day. She loved it! I rode backwards, and then was dizzy for TWO DAYS PEOPLE!

More rides with Daddy - thanks for being a trooper babe!

So - Evie got kicked off this ride b/c she kept undoing her buckle. oh boy! 

Daniel Tiger ride - we waited an hour -- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

She was so enthralled! 

Kiddie land rides.

The two of them are in here together. Evie actually sat! 

This ride, the turtle was surprisingly FAST! 

Daddy did one more ride with the girls at the end - my hero!

We had a great time!