Monday, October 10, 2016

Canfield Fair 2016

The Canfield Fair is a Gillespie Family Tradition that goes way way back. Josh has been going since he was a kid with all of his cousins. I love this family tradition - and I think this was my 10th year going. I've really enjoyed 

Evie loved her some lemon shakes! Can't say I blame her -- and excitedly, they are now making lots of flavors, not just lemon! 
Getting ready to go in to fair. 

haha. I just love Ella hanging out of the pumpkin. 

Note for next year: Have everyone stick their faces out of the holes. 

Ella wanted to ride the rides - we were a little nervous because she had to go in on her own. Josh took her to get the tickets and pick out a ride. We told her only one ride. They waited in line together, and then she marched right in, got in her car with a huge smile and loved every second.

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