Monday, October 10, 2016

September 2016 Recap

September brought our official start to school. I love this little sponge, eager to soak up new information. 

Below are so school activities - and Evie being a crazy person distracting us as much as possible.
Feeding "word carrots" to the sheep

Thanks, BA for sharing these resources! She loves them! 

Ella took this picture of Evie & me -- haha. 

Evie - doing color sorting....or rather standing on his head. 

Ella loves writing on her little board in the car - and one of her favorite words is "stop". Combine these two passions together - and you have yourself a near accident as she STREAMS stop while you are driving. 
Working on patterns with her beads. 

One of our new favorite games is a Cranium carnival game. The girls love it and it's really cute. 

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  1. So Awesome!! Love all the cute activities. Great Job ladies! :)