Sunday, October 9, 2016

June 2016 Recap

The summer has flown by - I can hardly believe it - but I do love fall and I'm so looking forward to all that it will bring out way. 

Here is an update on June: 

Father's day - wonderful day celebrating this wonderful man we get to call our own. 

"Reading" in bed together

Strawberry picking - it was hot & there weren't many strawberries. But - we left and got pizza - yippee! 

I took the girls to the Cranberry Water Park for the first time. They really enjoyed the splash park area. I loved them hanging out together, so sweet! 

We had fun with our sweet friends at the park!

Random park pictures. They are just getting too big! 

7th Anniversary Date. We went out to Breakneck Tavern - which we LOVE. One of our new favorite places! 

This was Ella's first year doing KidzGig at our church. She loved it!! We missed the first day because we were driving back form Kentucky with my friend, Lauren. And then I was planning to serve for the other 4 days with Ella in her classroom. Evelyn ended up getting sick, so she could no longer stay in the church nursery, so Ella got to be in her classroom for a day and a half on her own. Honestly it was perfect! She did great! 

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