Sunday, October 9, 2016

July 2016 Recap

Here is July in a nutshell. (A very small nutshell because at this point I barely remember it myself). 

Playdough has become a new favorite in our house. 
picture puzzles 
I bought the girls chalk spray jars - haha. Ella loved them and got totally into it right away. Evie on the other hand, couldn't figure out how to pull the trigger if it was pointing away from her - so she just sprayed herself in the face. And laughed every time. Probably not toxic, right....errrr

These fun little masks were given to the girls by our neighbor and I love seeing them in my day.

This summer has been fun task of trying to keep Evie busy while we work on school with Ella. And after I get Evie distracted, half the time, Ella wants to do what Evie is doing.

ice cream! 
 I had a migraine one day and Ella sweetly offered to make lunch for us. Honestly, she did a surprisingly good job with it. She was hilarious with the knife, using it the wrong side down, but she did great!

Matching accordions. 
 I've been growing my hair out since we got engaged...and I was ready for a change. It was 20 inches.

Ella's first dentist appoint. You guys - she did so wonderful!

And...probably the best part of July. We created "toy alley". We pulled the couches off the back wall and created an alley at the back of the room that we put ALL the toys in. It get's crazy back there - but I don't ever have to clean it up and I LOVE it! 

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