Sunday, October 9, 2016

August 2016 recap

August was wonderful and full of so many great memories. 

My sweet friend, Brandi, and I were given gift certificates to a local super fancy spa and we got our nails done in the most shocking color pink on the planet. We had fun being pampered! 

A few sweet friends threw me the most wonderful surprise 30th birthday party. I was honestly genuinely so surprised. I never had an clue it was coming. A group of wonderful friends met a a local restaurant for dinner drinks and amazing chocolate cake. I am so blessed with all of these friends in my life and all that they mean to me. 

Josh's mom and sister came up for a visit, and it was filled with so much fun my girls could barely stand it.
Living treasures

We went to SkyZone with Josh's sister's family. The girls loved it. 

This was a giant pit of foam squares that the kids would jump off of a trampoline into it. Ella loved it. 

Then we went to the Cleveland Zoo on my birthday. We definitely have hit up the zoo circuit this summer.
They changed the date every day in the flowers up at the top. 

One of my favorite pictures of her ever. Must get it printed on the canvas. 

And then the Pittsburgh Children's Museum with cousins!

And then smores and a cookout with family.

My girls waiting on the porch for my parents to arrive. (If you look closely, you can see my parents' car in the back).

Ordering her own ice cream

Family mini golf. The girls were crazy and hilarious but it was actually really fun!

It was nice to not have to bend over to get your golf ball back ;)