Friday, July 25, 2014

Tex Mex Chicken Meal

I've been looking for some new recipes lately. With Josh's allergies our meat options are limited, so we get bored easily. 

I found this easy recipe online this week, so we tried it last night.

I made a few modifications:
- I shredded the chicken instead of cubbing it. 
- I didn't add the peppers. 
- served with cilantro. 
- doubled the amount of salsa. 

It was a hit with all 3 of us. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Living Treasures 4.0

We went back today and Ella was interested in totally different animals! So fun how she changes every day. 

Today it was turtles: 

Fake or real. 

Kangaroos: (which I love as well) 


And squirrel monkeys: 

Ella has also taken to picking up (carrying around and hoarding) the animal feed that has fallen in front of the exhibits. My advice if you do go is skip buying the feed - you can find plenty - just bring Ella to collect it all. 
Note her hand:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Trip to North Carolina

Ella and I went to North Carolina earlier this month to support my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I'm so grateful to my awesome hubby for making it work for me to be away. 

My mom is one of the bravest women I know. She has conquered so much in 5 years - and her faith in our awesome God has never waivered. She is a blessing in my life. 

My little sis is seriously awesome. She had came home from surgery to share her room with Ella and me. She was gracious during Ella's naps and understanding about her schedule. You couldn't expect a better teenager. :) 

We also got to see Kate inbetween work. It was great to see her and catch up, as well as meet her new pup, Benny. 

I loved seeing Mom's house for the first time - so fun to learn more about her life. There is something to being able to visualize a person's daily life. She has a cute town home in a nice neighborhood. 

Ella got to experience a few firsts while hanging out with YaYa. 

She went in a real pool for the first time. 

She kept saying "down", I think because she wanted to walk and splash like she did the week before at the lake. 

She watched Anastasia for the first time, actually, we both did. This is one if Josh's family favorites, so that was fun to watch with his family. 

And she finally played with Josh's dad without crying. Here they dancing during Anastasia. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Peanuts Be Gone

Last month we found out Ella had a peanut allergy. Obviously we had a few "issues" and got her tested. 

To be honest, I was distraught. Now every sleepover, class party, restaurant experience was going to be influenced by her restrictions. 

After asking what seemed like a million questions, I made my way to the pharmacy. In shock I spent $250 on an epi pen and very heavily made my way home. 

After a few rough days of processing the news, God has filled me with such peace. 

Last week I bought some sunflower seed spread for E. She seems to like it, it has the same "thick" consistency of peanut butter that leaves you thirsty and you can taste the sunflower seed for sure, but it isn't too bad. 

I was excited to try this brand, because it isn't manufacture in a plant with peanuts so there is no concern of cross-contamination. I recommend trying it if you have a little one with but allergies. 

Today she had her first fluffenutter, a Bezanson family summer staple. I think she enjoyed it! :) 

Living Treasures Adventure

Today was our third trip to living treasures. I'm grateful we got the season pass - only $20 more than going once! Ella loves it there. 

Today she was actually more interested in the animals than the rocks! But we did play with a few: 

Sharing our rocks with the lion: 

Ella was fascinated with the ducks: 

And she loved starring at the monkeys: 

We saw a peacock just roaming around. Not sure that was intentional. 

And later perched ontop of the soda machine: 

My highlight was the lions. They were so close to the glass, we were standing maybe 1 foot away. Ella didn't grasp the rarity of it but I just loved watching him. 

Attempted "us-ie" with the lion:

Ella with some other animals: 

Sitting to watch the goats:

8 minutes after getting in the car: