Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 2016 - Preschool

tracing her hand and a self portrait! 

Thanks Jonathan for the fun toy!

Her absolute new favorite thing is writing her name. :) 

working on writing our last name. 

I love these little spelling puzzles -- and so does she! #win

Love the file folder games I got at a yardsale last year . They are great practice for her to work independently. 

We are going to start working on our numbers past the teens. 

matching games. 

I got this cute game at Goodwill last week. Basically you use the spinner to land on different colors - and you have to use the squirrel tweezer to pick up your acorns or every color. Great for dexterity. 

sorting words that start with P and N -- she did  a great job! [Thanks BA for this resource!]

Thanks Jenn for the reminder of how much kids love sand. Thanks Kelsey for this sand! 

working on learning our last name and phone numbers for emergencies. Crazy to me that she is old enough that she could actually be helpful in an emergency. 

numbers 11-36. Hey...I ran out of pumpkins..haha

Children's Museum - Trip Six

The girls and I met up with our friends at the Children's Museum on Wednesday. It had been a few weeks since we had been, so it was fun to get back.

In the past, Ella has show interest in building the bike wheel, but hasn't had the interest in actually doing all the spokes. Today she had her focus face on. It was so sweet.

This summer they are having a Daniel Tiger exhibit, so they had out some sample interactive toys for the kids to test.

Reading with her cat tail tutu on. 
 And our favorite - the water room! In new matching suits!

Ella was being so sweet and protective of Evie.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentines - Preschool

Ella & I have had fun talking about the Fruit of Spirit, Love, along with Valentines Day.

Working on writing her "L"

counting and placing pennies. 

Thanks Barbara Anne for this resource -- working on counting to 20. 

counting hearts. 

stickers. Need I say more? 

And then some Valentines Day pictures.

The girls loving on daddy. 

Ella with her basket. 

Elsa & Anna are her new favorites, needless to say. 

Evie hates Sven. 

Josh and I ordered wings, one of our favorites. And ate at the table in peace while the girls watched a movie and had a picnic. #aintnoshame