Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 2016 - Preschool

tracing her hand and a self portrait! 

Thanks Jonathan for the fun toy!

Her absolute new favorite thing is writing her name. :) 

working on writing our last name. 

I love these little spelling puzzles -- and so does she! #win

Love the file folder games I got at a yardsale last year . They are great practice for her to work independently. 

We are going to start working on our numbers past the teens. 

matching games. 

I got this cute game at Goodwill last week. Basically you use the spinner to land on different colors - and you have to use the squirrel tweezer to pick up your acorns or every color. Great for dexterity. 

sorting words that start with P and N -- she did  a great job! [Thanks BA for this resource!]

Thanks Jenn for the reminder of how much kids love sand. Thanks Kelsey for this sand! 

working on learning our last name and phone numbers for emergencies. Crazy to me that she is old enough that she could actually be helpful in an emergency. 

numbers 11-36. Hey...I ran out of pumpkins..haha

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