Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentines - Preschool

Ella & I have had fun talking about the Fruit of Spirit, Love, along with Valentines Day.

Working on writing her "L"

counting and placing pennies. 

Thanks Barbara Anne for this resource -- working on counting to 20. 

counting hearts. 

stickers. Need I say more? 

And then some Valentines Day pictures.

The girls loving on daddy. 

Ella with her basket. 

Elsa & Anna are her new favorites, needless to say. 

Evie hates Sven. 

Josh and I ordered wings, one of our favorites. And ate at the table in peace while the girls watched a movie and had a picnic. #aintnoshame

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  1. That was a fun way to have a Valentine's "date!" We might have to steal that idea sometime!