Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Children's Museum - Trip Four

This trip - on February 1st -- Aunt Lauren (my college roommate and dear friend) went with us -- so it was definitely a highlight. Since we go so frequently now (almost every week) I'm trying to take pictures that show what was new/fun/different about that visit from other visits -- so get ready to see Aunt Lauren in action! :)

We got to do the art room - thanks Aunt Lauren!

She actually did this all by herself :) 

clay "playdough"

painting! She made one sheet in every color -- which we turned into Valentines for the grandparents.

Meanwhile, Evie just wanted to push around the stroller -- believe me, this is an intense workout. 

Our favorite - every.single.time - Water room. This time, Ella was obsessed with this little "sink" and stirring everything. (And yes, we kinda broke that water whirlpool thing...but we went back the same Friday and it was fine). 

Evie also liked the whirlpool & the water pump. 

Because we were 2-on-2; we also did the 2nd floor, which is generally too hectic for me by myself. 

Aunt Lauren & Ella playing in the sand tables. 

The deadly & frustrating blue beads. Evie lasts about 3 seconds before eating a handful of beads. 

Ella in the "Nemo" plant

The 4 of us girls together before Aunt Lauren got on the road for home. 

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