Friday, July 18, 2014

Peanuts Be Gone

Last month we found out Ella had a peanut allergy. Obviously we had a few "issues" and got her tested. 

To be honest, I was distraught. Now every sleepover, class party, restaurant experience was going to be influenced by her restrictions. 

After asking what seemed like a million questions, I made my way to the pharmacy. In shock I spent $250 on an epi pen and very heavily made my way home. 

After a few rough days of processing the news, God has filled me with such peace. 

Last week I bought some sunflower seed spread for E. She seems to like it, it has the same "thick" consistency of peanut butter that leaves you thirsty and you can taste the sunflower seed for sure, but it isn't too bad. 

I was excited to try this brand, because it isn't manufacture in a plant with peanuts so there is no concern of cross-contamination. I recommend trying it if you have a little one with but allergies. 

Today she had her first fluffenutter, a Bezanson family summer staple. I think she enjoyed it! :) 

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