Friday, July 18, 2014

Living Treasures Adventure

Today was our third trip to living treasures. I'm grateful we got the season pass - only $20 more than going once! Ella loves it there. 

Today she was actually more interested in the animals than the rocks! But we did play with a few: 

Sharing our rocks with the lion: 

Ella was fascinated with the ducks: 

And she loved starring at the monkeys: 

We saw a peacock just roaming around. Not sure that was intentional. 

And later perched ontop of the soda machine: 

My highlight was the lions. They were so close to the glass, we were standing maybe 1 foot away. Ella didn't grasp the rarity of it but I just loved watching him. 

Attempted "us-ie" with the lion:

Ella with some other animals: 

Sitting to watch the goats:

8 minutes after getting in the car: 

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