Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blue Grass State Trip

My wonderful college friend, Lauren, lives in Kentucky and this was our 2nd summer taking a girls trip down there. I love Lauren and her parents are so sweet to myself and to my girls. We always get spoiled rotten there.

The drive down there. Never very fun - but we made it. They are troopers. 

Aunt Lauren has much more patience than I do -- thus Ella gets to help cook all the meals at her house. Lord bless Aunt Lauren! 

Lauren's parents have a pool -- which Ella was swimming around all on her own. But they prefer the little hot tub with the fountain. Easy choice! 

Louisville Zoo - it was huge, hot, and a huge hit! 

Her first time seeing an Elephant in real life - it was truly amazing! 

The gorillas were by far my absolute favorite. They were totally showing off for all of us. It was so fascinating to watch. 

The zoo had a wonderful water park inside it. It was perfect - we stopped half way through all the animals to cool down.

Relaxing at Aunt Lauren's parents lake house. 

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