Saturday, October 22, 2011

An Apple a Day...

...keeps the doctor away, or so the saying goes. But what does a bushel of apples do? Apparently keeps you baking for days!

Josh planned a date to go apple picking at a local orchard, Half Crown. Having eyes bigger than our bellies, we naturally selected the largest bag for apple picking. This one glutenous decision lead to hours in the kitchen!

The first thing I wanted to bake, was obviously an apple pie...correction, make that "apple pies". After 3 apple pies, then came 3 loaves of apple bread, then the apple muffins, applesauce, and finally apple stuffed pork.

I'll give you a few tips: extra thinly sliced apples for the pie; nutmeg in the applesauce; and goat cheese applesauce in the pork.

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