Sunday, June 5, 2016

First Living Treasure's Trip of the Season

our family loves Living Treasures! The animals are so close and it's just a short drive up the highway for us that I'm able to do this during the week by myself. this was our first trip where Evie was in on the action - she loved being able to roam.

Evie wasn't exactly a fan of the giraffe:

One goat actually got his head stuck in Ella's bucket and ran away with it on his head. My friend Jess and I had to track it down to help it! 

Evie was a big fan of the rocks and the fence. Passing the rock to yourself through the fence - not that's just unreal! 

Ella did a great job sharing her carrots. :)  

haha, no idea there is a giant water buffalo right next to her. 

Putt her feet up during our picnic. 

Post - Living Treasures hair! Oh my! 

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