Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Threw Up How Many Times?

Our wedding was definitely one of the most meaningful and terrible days of my life.

I know every bride is supposed to say her wedding day was the best day of all time - and in a few huge ways - it was. I married the man of my dreams, we shared our vows before God and our families, and I shared a fresh new life.

In a few ways, it was also a heartbreaking day. We had put some much energy and time into planning every single detail. I knew the cost of every single item in the room, the location of every feather, and the inside of every toilet.

I threw up a total of 13 times, the grand finale of which included Josh calling my mother after I threw up blood in our hotel room - which happened to be sandwiched between two of Josh's aunts...

Although this was definitely a rocky start to our life together, it also demonstrated to me just how wonderful Josh is. He never left my side, sat with me while I cried in the hallway, tasted all the food I couldn't, and kissed me even after I threw up in a stone wall!

He is my prince, and I love him more today than I did yesterday, as we celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Here's to 57 more! :)

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