Monday, June 4, 2012

Once was Blind, but Now I See

Even though I'm just beginning my journey into motherhood, these last four months have really opened my eyes. I don't think I've ever truly appreciated my mom before. If I compare how much I love this little avacado-size baby growing inside me, to the amount of love and energy my mom put into me by the age of 17 when I wanted to do my own thing - and NEVER be seen with her - it must have broken her heart!

I know my days of sacrifice are still to come - when I think of all I've given up already - blue cheese, sleeping on my back, Panera sandwiches, COFFEE, and wine - it doesn't even compare to the sacrifice my mother made. Thanks mom for working extra shifts to allow me to take music lessons, for taking two weeks of vacation to WORK at Deer Run so I could go to camp, for driving me to friends' houses, for staying up late as I finished homework, for the financial sacrifice so I could have braces, and the list goes on and on.

Most of all - I'm grateful for the sacrifice that both of my parents made to send me to Christian school and college, for making youth group a priority, and taking the time to discipline us and guide is the way of the Master. 

I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be day in next 18 years that I don't stop and just think how lucky I am to have the parents that I do - that they loved me enough to raise me to love Jesus.

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