Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Before Baby List

I LOVE lists - they motivate me, inspire me, and make me feel awesome - when they are all checked off that it! So, with lots going on, and lots to get ready before November I have mental lists, lists on my iPhone, post-it notes galore, and verbal vomit I dumb on Josh in hopes he will remind me about it later.

Now I'll add a blog list to the run-down!

Crafts to complete before baby arrives:
- adding foam to couch
- t-shirt quilt
- couch pillow covers
- duvet cover & bedroom pillow covers
- baby quilt
- crib mobile
- baby room curtains
- curtains for our bedroom
- nephews' Christmas gifts
- month by month onesies for first year pictures
- finish crochet shoes
- make thanksgiving onesie

Here's to getting it all done! :)

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