Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ella's First Birthday

This last year has been a wonderful whirlwind. Almost every day had a "first experience" of some kind. I've loved my journey into motherhood and it has softened my heart and definitely increased my patience. Oh yeah - and there is that new ability to talk over total chaos.

For Ella's birthday I had lots of theme ideas but settled on something more simple - we can leave the themes for birthdays she will remember. :) I decided on a teal-and-pink cupcake party.

We served mostly sweets, and of course, mostly pink and teal desserts! I'm so glad my parents where here to help Josh and I with set up and celebration. They flew down from New Hampshire, and it was a treat to share the special day with them.

Ella was a little skeptical of her cupcake, and possibly a little overwhelmed by everyone watching her :) 

 Later that night, Josh gave her some of the chocolate cake - to which she emphatically declared "Yum!"

Happy birthday, sweet Ella!

Ella saying goodbye to my parents in her outfit brought from Scotland! :) 

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