Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Now that Josh leaves earlier each morning to commute into the city (his company moved locations) Ella and I have a little breakfast ritual. 

Wonderfully, Ella is very calm in the morning. After I get I up we talk about her dreams (which are always about the moon or "Ellie and sheep" her two stuffed animals). Then I get her breakfast ready.

I eat while she eats and she constantly has me laughing. We mostly sing and count her bites. My new favorite is when "Twinkle Twinkle" (Winkle Winkle) mixes with "Jesus loves me" and "This little light of mine". :) 

Mimicking my excitement over her eating 10 bites of banana. 

Every morning she asks for the curtain to be opened so she can see outside. She also asks for the 2nd curtain to be opened, to which I always say it makes the house too cold to open both. But she still asks, and even answers her own question "house cold". 

Today Elmo, Monkey, Lion joined us. (With V in the background). 

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