Friday, September 27, 2013

Ella's room - finished

I was finally able to get Ella's room all set up and decorated! I love all the bright color and think it looks great up against the grey walls.

Thanks Josh for hanging the mobile! 

Shout out to "giant Minni" from our sweet realtor. Thanks Aunt Katie for the custom-made art! 

Aunt Rachel & Aunt Lauren gave us the decorations for this room, thanks!

Ella loves her darkness for sleeping, so I've got quite the curtain situation going on here. We have RV window tint sheets up, a giant piece of fabric folded up over 3 tension rods to make an easy, no see roman shade. Then draped over top is a banner made by Ella's aunts, thanks Dee, Rachel, and Katie. 

Same dresser from here old room, new decorations provided by Gram B and my Aunt Carol! 

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  1. Very cute room, love how happy it is. :)