Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

Although I loved our first Christmas with Ella, being that she was only 1-month old, she didn't interact with us much. I know that she doesn't understand Christmas, we still have a few years for that, but it was fun to enjoy her exploratory-spirit.

Here are a few pictures of Christmas.

Before the Christmas Eve service at our awesome church, North Way Christian Community.  She is wearing the kilt that was bought for me in Scotland when I was 1 myself. I'm so grateful my mom held onto these sweet items from my childhood.

Her new (little people - yippee) Nativity set:

Christmas stockings (my favorite part of Christmas morning)

Josh's sister, Rachel, and her family and his aunt, uncle, and cousin joined us for dinner. It was so fun to spend the day with family in our new home. Getting all of those little cousins to sit still is no easy task. 
 I love how Michael and Ella have a sweet little bond. He is so precious with her and I think they will be special to each other. 
Uncle Nick has worked so hard to let Ella hold him. This year, he got his very own Christmas miracle. He did have to entice her with his phone, however.
Josh with Philip and Ella. 

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