Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ella & Her Lion

For some reason, Ella has become attached to her lion stuffed animal. He was the first thing that she would look for when we got her up in the morning, and last month when her molars were coming in, we let her take him to bed with her. They are now inseparable. I've already started the hunt for a replacement, knowing the day will eventually come.

Ella will be quietly playing and suddenly she sees lion, she will hop up, run over to him, quickly grab him, plot down, and squeeze him with all her strength. Needless to say, Lion is a big part of our daily lives.

 Even Lion gets rides on the car from dad. :)
 Oh my - sweetness. Nighttime cuddles with Lion.

 One-year pictures with Lion. I love her sweet personality coming through here. Shout out to my awesome hubby for helping me capture this moment.
 What would I do without a baby monitor to spy on Ella and Lion?

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