Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My New Hobby

...has become removing stains. Something I have to admit, that I'm not very good at. I have a hard time "sticking with it" and really doing a thorough job. Until now, my family didn't really create too many stains, just a little spot of pasta sauce now and again. Ella, like all babies, is a pro at stealing her mommy's heart and staining her clothes.

What is your favorite stain-fighting cleaning agent in your home? I'd love to know your experienced mom tricks. So far, I've been using OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick - and as you can see from the pictures below - it removed my worse stain yet. (By the time I could get the onesie off her, there was  a bright gold ring all the way around the pant line!)


  1. That's what I use too... and I have lots of experience using it unfortunately... :)

  2. OxiClean baby. Soaked it and rinsed it before wash day. Natalie did the SAME thing. She had many, many spur-of-the-moment sink baths the first 2 months :)

  3. The best thing I have ever used is Lestoil. You can't get it everywhere, but have Katie bring you some from Ohio. It got permanent magic marker (that your husband drew on my couch, chair, rug, up the stair walll) all out! It also got red lamp oil out of Brenda's carpet when Ben spilled it! Love it on all stains...just pour it on the spot, let it sit, rub and wash. Love you.

    1. Miss Brenda brought me some the other day - luckily I haven't needed it yet - but I'm sure I will soon! :)