Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tutu Tutorial

Since finding out I was having a beautiful little girl, I've made numerous tutus. They look cute, and best of all - they are super easy to make. (I made a few in the car on the way to NH this summer).

Here is the video I watched before making my first tutu, although I've modified how I make them. (I apologize, the video is about 5 minutes longer than it needs to be...).

You need:
- ribbon for the waist. (In the video she suggests using a stretchy headband, but I recommend ribbon because you can start with a long piece of ribbon and add more tulle as you need it when your daughter's waist gets bigger.
- tulle (In the video she buys it off the large spool in the fabric store, but I recommend the small spool that you can find in the dollar isle or the wedding isle). This means that you are only going to have cut length and don't have to worry about width.
- scissors

How to:
- cut your strips of tulle
- tie them onto your ribbon (the video will show you have to do this)
- enjoy! 

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