Monday, August 10, 2015

Small Group River House

Over this past year, we have been wonderfully blessed with an awesome small group. We have had great community before, but this is more like family.

Insanely, we do dinner together once a week, rotating the host family. We now have 12 adults and 9 kids; Ella is the oldest. Although dinner is nuts, to put it mildly, it really brings down any false ideals of perfection we might have tried to put on. It's life. Real. Messy. (Like kids throwing food around messy). But most of all - its good for the heart. Good to know others have crazy meals where you don't get out two words to your spouse; meals where your kids just eat goldfish crackers; meals that just become a check box rather than a daily highlight.

This summer we had the privilege of going away as a group. Sadly, various things resulted in only 3 out of 6 couples being about to join, but it was a fabulous time of fellowship and fun.



Water skiing, for the first time in a decade. Ahh. I did make it up, first try. And decided to quit while I was ahead.

 Family. Immediate and #heartsisters and #churchcousins

 I like how all the kids are distracted by Evie crying...except Ella. Oh, big sisters.

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