Saturday, August 22, 2015

Evelyn - 9 Months

This past month has been one of my favorites with sweet Evie. Her expressions and personality are starting to explode. It's so fun to watch who she is becoming. Here are some of my attempts at 9 month photos - actually taken on the right day this time; a minor miracle.

 Bloopers, although this is the joyful grin she is usually given, so these are more the real pictures:
trying to grab the camera.

Here are some of the adventures from this month:
- Living Treasures with Aunt Callie and Grandpa (July 21)

- first time in high hair (July 21)

- first bath in big tub (July 22)
- Living Treasures with Gram (July 24)

- CRAWLED! (July 24)

- PULLED UP! (July 25) Motivation: Sister's water bottle and sock... Ella has a new thing coming trying to keep her toys away from Evie. Prayers for patience as we begin to work on sharing!
- tooth #4 (July 28)
- 3 month helmet scan (July 29) Praise the Lord, she has made great improvement and we are getting the helmet off at the end of August!

- WAVED! (July 30) She first waved during small group at our house. My friend Chris says "How long has she been waving it's so cute?" So we missed the first wave, but got right on it and spotted her waving to all the people throughout the night.
- first wedding (August 2)

Thanks to Josh's cousin Lindsay for this great photo.
Thanks to Josh's cousin Lindsay for this great photo.

- first time in the ocean (August 5)

- tooth #5 (August 6)
- first clap (August 12)

- tooth #6 (August 14)

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