Monday, August 10, 2015

Living Treasures - With Aunt Callie & Grandpa

Josh's not-so-little-anymore sister, Callie, was in Ohio for the week in July, YIPPEE, so as a special treat we got to meet up with her and Josh's dad at one of our favorite locations, Living Treasures. As if seeing family and animals wasn't enough, Josh took the day off too, talk about awesomeness overload.

Ella is an old pro at Living Treasures now, she knows where everything is and walks around the place like a little attitude-filled teenager champ.

It seems that every time we go she has a new favorite animal. This time it was the baby buffalo and the baby zebra; granted they had never been there before, so they were an easy new favorite.

Sweet chubby-cheeked Evelyn.

I've also never been able to get Ella near the ponies - shout out to Aunt Callie! 

E did really well with the Giraffes as well, thanks to Cal and Daddy. 

I thought it would be awesome for the giraffe to eat a carrot off of Jamie's head...and awesome it was. Awesomely disgusting. 

It was a nice treat for me to have other people there as well, I really got to enjoy watching Ella with the animals and not worry about stroller, fitting them both into the bathroom with me, who has the carrots, etc. 

Everything with Daddy is better; I cherish the times our family is all together. I'm so lucky with this wonderful man.

So stinkin' adorable. Is there anything better than watching your man love your babies? 

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