Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Evelyn - 11 months

Little Evie has exploded again in the last month! [September 20-October 20]

The biggest change is Evie's movement, standing, walking, etc. Here are a few pics.

Oh yeah, and climbing stairs. (ahhhhhh)
No, she didn't fall off....
September 23 -- cruising. We thought we saw this before at the end of August, but this is true cruising around furniture (like the length of the couch).

September 25 - she walked behind our little push walker toy, a sweet gift from my friend Janice for Ella, way back when.

September 25 - found her with the kitchen drawer open and tupperware all over the floor after being upstairs for 4 minutes putting Ella down for a nap...oh boy!

September 29 - Living Treasures with our friends Landon & Calleigh.
October 5 - saying "Momma"!!!!

October 5 - Pediatrician appointment to check weight. She has gained 5 ounces in 5 weeks - the doctor is pleased with this - but says if she doesn't start eating finger foods by one year we will need occupational therapy. -- This Momma likes a challenge -- I'm on it!

October 10 - 7th tooth coming in! (top right, her right).
October 18 -  General cuteness. My two girls wearing my dresses from when I was their age. My mom strikes again!

October 19 - 8th tooth! (top left)
October 20 - Meet cousins Debbie & Ibrahim

Love this sweet little girl - so blessed by my great Father!

Peek-a-boo - a new favorite. 

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