Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Preschool - pumpkins

As kids Josh and I both went trick-or-treating -- and we take our girls too. But we aren't Halloween enthusiasts. No decorating. No ghosts. No blood. So we explored leaves and pumpkins for school.

Adding the first leaf to our Thanksgiving tree. She said she was thankful for shoes. :)

The finished product!
It's washable pain on the deck, don't worry, I haven't totally lost my mind. 
She was in Heaven! As you can see, she primarily used pink paint. Every so often she would say she wanted to switch, pick up a different color brush and then say "I joking you" and go back to pink. 

Using our "Alphabet Soup" yardsale find to work on our "p"s
Finding everything orange in our playroom. [must purge toys!]
Doing a color puzzle we have, she did pretty well, but it's double sided - and both sides are orange...so it is actually pretty tricky.
I told her she would put all the pumpkin stickers on her paper (as opposed to the ghost ones) and she actually left all the ghosts on the sheet!
Coloring the pumpkins by color. (Each pumpkin says a color inside it)
Adding leaves to a tree. I would ask her to add a certain number, etc. 
Finding all her orange pouch lids....still need to get pink ones, BA...here I come Aldi! :)
Adding "seeds" to our pumpkin. We just used black beans. She did a really good job with this. I would either ask her to add a certain number or add to her existing number to get to a new total. 
Gotta love the dot-to-dot. This girl and those markers....
Counting from 11-24...Hey, I only had 14 laminated pumpkins and 1-10 are so boring ;)
Running around jumping on/ticking/sitting on various numbers. 
Showing off her new Halloween plate - thanks Target dollar spot! 
And not pumpkin related at all - but our first time play Candy Land Bingo -- she is the yellow board and I'm the pink - she legitimately won 3 times before I did. 
filling in the missing numbers on the pumpkins. 
turkey patterns. 
She did great with the patterns! 
She made this pattern all by herself. proud mom moment. 
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