Thursday, December 10, 2015

Preschool - Jonah Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of our Jonah week - back Oct 12-16 -- WOW! I'm behind in blogging. :(

she loves these little clothes pin cards. And mostly playing with the clothes pins. :)

Oh the joy from making "whale-blue" pom pom soup. 
organizing our pom poms to count them easier. 
Another teacher fail -- I had her matching up the animal on the card with something in the house -- and I didn't plan to well ahead. Some items we majorly had to fudge on. oops! 
matching up her little people animals. 
Talking about whales. 
The best smiles I ever get out of her -- she always has a marker in her hand. Clearly we don't use markers enough. 
coloring Jonah. 
None Jonah related, but she has really started to do well with these word puzzles I found at a yardsale this summer. Each letter in the word is an individual puzzle piece - so they work to build a word. 
Look at that concentration. Love. 
A little whiz at matching upper and lower case letters. 
Rolling to cover the fish with our whale snacks. the 2nd time around doing a food activity is always harder. She basically just wanted to each this time! 
She is telling me the story. "Jonah, no listen to God. Jonah you have icky heart."
letter matching game. 
foam letters. This "toy" is practice in our patience - for both Mommy and Ella. She just gets so frustrated when they don't fit in. Deep breathes for everyone! 

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