Thursday, October 15, 2015

Preschool - Jonah - Part 1

One of Ella's absolute favorite stories is Jonah, so I knew this week in preschool was going to be a huge hit. Every single time I sit to read the Bible with her, on matter the story we studying or the Bible we are using, she gives you about 1 minute before she asks you to read her Jonah.

Our story, and again, flannel graph characters from Keeping Life Creative. She has also been watching our Veggie Tales Jonah video after nap. She loves it and giggles every time we see Jonah riding a camel. :)

Putting Jonah in the belly of the whale.
Letter matching activity - the upper case letters are printed on the whales, in alphabetic order and there are coordinating hearts with each lower case letter. She loved the activity and had me save it on the table so "Daddy see when he home at dinner?" [Resource from Mrs. Home Economist]

Ella, and I'm sure every toddler on the planet, loves clothes pins - so this counting activity was right up her alley. She had to count the numbers of sea creatures on each card, then select the correct corresponding number and use the clothes pin and attach it to the right number. [I bought 3 packs of clothes pins at the beginning of the year at the dollar store, they are a life saver]. [Resource from 3 Dinosaurs Ocean Pack.]

This "Animal Race" game is also from Mrs. Home Economist. Ella and I took turns rolling a die, then she would tell me what number we rolled (she is actually very good at quickly determining the number of dots on the upside of the die from all the times we have played Cooties together.) and then cover up that animal. Naturally, we turned this into snack time - we covered up the rolled animal with a dollar store version of "Goldfish snacks" -- these ones are whales!

We are reading the learning about ocean life this week in our library books. Here are some of them. I really really loved the Eric Carle book, 10 Little Rubber Ducks, oh it was just so cute - probably my new favorite of all of his books.

After reading through this book on coral reefs Ella kept saying "Oh, interesting" as she walked around the house -- I had very little knowledge on coral reefs and basically just kept reading it for my own knowledge :)
On Wednesday both of the girls woke up with runny noses and extra whinny we just stuck to some file folder games that I got at my best-ever yardsale day. I got all of these for $1 -- thank you Lord for the blessing!

Sometimes you just need a giant umbrella for your pictures.... :)

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  1. I love how you incorporate themes and bible stories ie Jonah/ocean. Ella's blessed to have a great mommy like you!