Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Living Treasures Trip with Friends

Last week we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to Living Treasures with our friends from small group. It was a gorgeous day, especially for the fall, but cool enough that the animals were more active - most notably the lions, porcupines, and cattle. The highland cattle were doing their best to repopulate the earth, but luckily Ella doesn't like them so just cruised right past. #win

Ella loved having her buddy Landon along with us, but seriously wanted to hold his hand. I don't think I've said "He doesn't want to hold hands, sweetie" so much in my life...they were cute together, though. My favorite was that they would take each others carrots from their buckets and then offer them back to each other. "Here, I stole your carrot, want it?" :)

The lions were actually being a little intimating - the girl lion barely took her eyes off the neighboring zebra...she was looking for lunch. And then the boy lion (you can tell I talk to a 2-year old most of the day) was roaring. We have heard him do this before, but it doesn't loose it's awesomeness. 

I'm trying to be better about getting Evie into pictures.

The kiddos loved the kangaroos. I know these aren't great pictures because of the sun - but praise the Lord we had such gorgeous weather!

Barbara Anne and my attempt to get a picture of the two kids together...for two toddlers, it works!

Ella did turn around and pinch the gorillas nipple and say "Baby food from here" ... Oh boy, we may need to wean Evie early...
Ella always wants a picture on this turtle, but each time we go she sits for less and less time, so it's becoming a great challenge to capture.

The tigers - which she totally isn't afraid of, same as the lions, but....literally 13 seconds after taking this picture with the tigers she screamed bloody murder and threw her carrot bucket because she felt she was in danger from.....A PEACOCK! Oh goodness....

...BUT previously she checked out the peacocks with now issues...

One animals we have never seen before this season (she say it only once last year) was the tapir - and two of them were out! It was so awesome. Ella cared way less then me, but I've been sad they haven't been there at all, its the little things. :)

Zebra - I think they are just so gorgeous!

One of Ella's consistent favorites - the miniature deer. 



And finally, the active porcupines. Again we have never seen them actually move before - but they seemed to be having a custody battle over their 1 month old baby. The parents were charging each other and poking the baby. It was quite hectic, but to each his own in their parenting. :)

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