Sunday, October 4, 2015

Preschool - First Sin

Last week we studied the first sin. I honestly struggled with deciding if this was appropriate content for Ella's age. I struggled with how to communicate it with her n a way to she would understand but also wanted to continue to communicate to her about God's love for her. In the end, I do really think she, on a small level, understood the consequence of Adam and Eve's sin - she kept asking all week for them to be able to go back into the Garden, so it stuck with her that their consequence was lasting. Obviously, I understand the story in its entirety is over her head, but we will build on this start next year.

Our memory verse: Romans 8:39.
"Nothing in all creation can ever separate you from the love of God."

I again used the printable flannel graph-looking characters from Keeping Life Creative

This was our first time through the story, and I took Adam and Eve away from the Garden and put their clothes on. Right after I took this picture Ella started BALLING. "Go back Garden, Go back Garden." It was precious, and heartbreaking. I didn't expect her to be so upset by this, but it also resonated with her.
I would tell her how many apples to put on the tree, she did really well with this - although we didn't go higher than 10.
Working on apple patterns.
color sorting.
Foam Apples (from the dollar store) hide-and-seek.

We had a MOPs playdate at Soergels, a local orchard, so that worked out well during Apple week. When we walked up to the apple she said "Boy girl no listen and eat apple. Ella no eat apple". haha. She has since eaten apples so the damage was not lasting.
Letter A and a identification.
Ella did really well with this activity. I told her to color each apple to match the text below it - that's all I had to say and she just went with it. Which is very unusual for her coloring style. :) Sheet from All Our Days.
placing pennies on a dot-to-dot sheet from Free Homeschool Deals.
It all went downhill from here - this girl loves the power of a marker!
counting "seeds" on the apple. I used raisins and then we just ate them for snack. Resource from
Which side of the apple has more seeds.

added a gummy worm to our apple. :)

more patterns.
 Our awesome small group eats a meal together each week, and for apple week I requested to bring dessert. Ella helped me make homemade ice cream and apple pie. She was so excited to help - and was actually helpful.

The best part is licking the spoon.

laying all of the apples in the crust.

She was literally so excited - couldn't stop screaming.
 Other yummy snacks throughout the week.
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We read the book Ten Red Apples last fall and I really loved it - I was excited to work with it this fall. We used our apple flannel graph element and our apples to add and subtract apples along with the story. 

Ten Apples Up on Top - There is a lion in the story --- still Ella's favorite - so we used our apples and added them on top of lion. She loved it.

Appleseed dominoes. We only used up to 4 seeds. She did really well identifying the apples with the correct number of seeds. 

Here are our apples book from the week. 
Our first ever lacing cards.

Adding black beans as seeds.
Adding "worms" to our apples.
Using stamps with capital A and lowercase a as apples on our tree.

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