Sunday, October 4, 2015

Evelyn 10 Months

Evie continues to bring so much joy to our home and hearts. She is giggly, curious, and cuddly.

Some big exciting things happened this month, here are a few highlights:

August 21st: ALL DONE WITH HER HELMET! We are really happy with the results that she got, and we are so thankful that we qualified to get the helmet, but also grateful to get done with that phase. And to be honest, it seems so long ago. It was annoying but well worth it.

August 26th: Allergy Testing

August 29th: Evie had peanut for the first time. She is still very tentative about eating solid foods, so I can't say that she loved it, but we are working on introducing it to her as much as possible.

August 31st: Pulled herself up in her crib for the first time! This little girl is ready to move!

September 5th: Evie's first Canfield Fair; a Gillespie tradition.

September 19th: Said "Dad De" as clear as day! We were all sitting at the table and we were encouraging her to say Daddy. She looked up at Josh and said it! We have heard it a few more times since then, but not on camera yet.

Here is a video I captured:

First Cleveland Brown's shirt:

Playing outside - skeptical of the grass:

10 month photo shoot:

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