Friday, September 11, 2015

Canfield Fair 2015

The Canfield Fair, the largest county fair in Ohio, is a serious Gillespie tradition. Josh grew up going all 6 days of the fair, and although we aren't that hardcore, I am glad it's a tradition we have kept.

I first went with Josh in 2006 as friends and we got engaged the day following the fair in 2008. 2013 was Ella's first fair experience and this year was Evelyn's first.

The day before we got engaged.

Ella's first year. 2013


Evie was such a trooper on her first visit in the extreme heat!

There is an "Old MacDonald" petting zoo area with baby animals. Ella loved it. 

The always have a cow out that you can milk, and get a pin stating "I milked a cow at the Canfield Fair". Ella had been talking about the cows all day, so we thought she would be excited. Josh was unable to get her to touch the cow. Afterwards, Ella came back to the stroller and proudly told me "Momma, I did not just pull down on cow's bum."

Oh goodness, so adorable. I guess it is a strange request to make of a child. 
Yes, I realized after the fact that I could have died by cow kick to the head getting this picture.

This man stole my heart 10 years ago. Love him.
lunch of champions.

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