Friday, September 11, 2015

First Day of School - 2015

We begin our first official day of preschool on Tuesday September 8th.  Let the homeschooling fun begin!

Ella is 2.75 years old right now (I know this is a ridiculous statement, but for the preschool conversation 2 and 2.75 are really different). And I realize she is really young, and playing is extremely important for kids, so I'm not starting preschool early to push the educational aspects, more to learn more excite learning in Ella.

My primary goal this year is to work on:
- memory verse work for the Bible stories I've selected
- following instructions
- increased attention span

Because our main concern is hiding God's Word in her heart the "curriculum" I put together is all Bible-based. I've borrowed a few things from Pinterest and created a few of my own as well. I'm working to figure out how to share some of my resources with you all - in the event that anyone cares. :)

So, anyways - let's get to the pictures!

my teacher supplies

Got up extra early for a longer time in the Word before we started the year. I like Psalm 76:1 "In Judah God is known; his name is great in Israel." My prayer for this home is that "In the Gillespie home God is known; his name is great in our home."

She picked out her outfit the night before. [I gave her two options and she went with this]

She was still smiling after Daddy got home from work - a win in my book! 

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