Friday, September 11, 2015

Random Summer Events 2015

My two girlies are so fun right now, I've loved this summer with them. Getting to know them more and seeing them blossom. Here are a few random highlights that didn't get posted on their own.

This captures one of my favorite daily moments with Evie. In the quite of the morning, with coffee in hand, and big sister still in bed, V has the whole living room to herself and she digs in to her toy bin with gusto.

Ella loves hearing Evie's hands slapping on the wood floor as she rounds the corner to find us in the kitchen. Then a whole bunch of "parrot talk" flows forth from her mouth providing me great reflection on the phrases I use. "Coming on Evie. You're ok Evie. Big girls don't whine Evie."
 More of Evie crawling to her sister - this could be why she discovered the stairs so young. Humpth.

My awesome yardsale buddy.
Hysterical fits of laughter are always a hit.

"Touch a Truck" event put on by our library.

Movie night with Josh & Ella. This little girl loves popcorn like her daddy.

Ella is on a serious acorn kick right now; I know why strollers come with two cup holders now.

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