Saturday, September 12, 2015

Preschool - Creation week 1

This week and next week we are studying creation. Our memory verse is Genesis 1:1. At first Ella was a little resistant to repeating the verse after me; not quite sure if she was just confused as to what I wanted from her or if she just had an oh-so-loveable 3 year old independent streak! However, I'm writing this on Saturday and this morning she was asking to do the verse and saying it all on her own. She was shy for the camera, but I'll get a good version to share soon.

Here are a few of our activities.

Playing "Let there be light" ... Basically Christian Red-Light-Green-Light. I found the pictures, and the rest of the flannel graph-looking images at Keeping Life Creative. She has designed various cute resources to accompany Bible stories. They are truly adorable.

Organizing our day 4 "star numbers" - I found this resource at Christian Preschool Printables.  I like that this goes to 24, and they actually provide a page with the star graphic in the stars without the numbers if you wanted to keep going; for us right now, 24 is high enough. Since she can identify written numbers up to 40, I was honestly surprised at how much of a challenge this was for her, but I think the numbers being able to rotate and be upside down is harder than I thought. For example: she easily confuses 21 with 12 if its upside down when she finds it. [I did add the line under the 6 and the 9 before I laminated, and recommend the same to you.]

Days of creation numbers. Again, found at Christian Preschool Printables. This site has a ton of other great resources, I recommend a stop to check it out and get familiar.

Sorting our glass beads by color. 

We added some water to the glass beads and talked about the separation of the waters from the waters. She definitely got the concept! (wink)

Rolling our day 6 animal dice and graphing the results with day 5 fish. This game is pulled from the Tot Pack on 3 Dinosaurs site - which has a ton of fun resources. We use most of the other elements from this Tot Pack as well, so you will see 3 Dinosaurs praised throughout our homeschool year.

Working on patterns with day 5 owls and day 3 acorns. I'm totally in love with this resource - Ella loves it and I just think it is too cute. I found at a yardsale for a preschool teacher who was changing to another grade - it was such a blessing to find all her awesome resources.

Phonics practice with our "Banana Grams" sister game "Pairs in Pears"

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  1. Great resource links! Excited to check them all out and numbers to 40?!?! Go E!