Friday, September 11, 2015

Saturdays with Dad

We are generally "do-only-what-you-have-to" on the weekends kind of people. So we usually stick to home or church. But a few weekends ago, Daddy went with us to Living Treasures - and oh my - everything in life really is so much better with my man!

We had so much fun together, and it was a joy to see him with the girls. He hasn't been yet this year, so wanting him see Ella recognize the animals, which is new since he last went, was so fun.

On our way: (sorry Evie, impossible to get us all in it)

Ella was terrified of the peacock, which is one of my favorite animals, so the following ridiculousness to place

chasing around the peacock to get a picture. He was fast.


The Lions were actually awake and moving because we went in the evening. It was so cool.

Right after feeding this Bongo, Ellie the Eland pooped (like bum to the fence right in front of us pooping) -- every at least 3 times a day Ella relives the clearly life-changing experience.

The mini deer - one of Ella's favorites.

Sadly, it kinda seemed like she knew we expected her to smile. Every time we would hold up the phone she would look at it and coo and smile. Kids these days.

Ella is terrified of the giraffe, but if you ask her what her favorite animal is she says giraffe without a pause.

Ella loves feeding the goats. They get a little bossy but I think she likes that.

On the way home we stopped at "The Snowman", very aptly named, for a shaved ice. It was really good, and reasonably prices ($1.75 for 8 ounces) and we recommend it.  It's right off exit 96 in Portersville for your local friends.

Ella definitely recommends it - she was a little ham drinking the juice. A true Gillespie, no waste!

That face!

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