Sunday, October 4, 2015

Preschool - Noah's Ark

Ella loves animals - so Noah's Ark was a huge hit this week.

Our memory verse was Deuteronomy 7:9. "My God is faithful"

My small group girlfriends won't believe this - but I finally gave Ella the Little People Ark I got at a yardsale. I've just been saving it for something awesome, and this was perfect.

lining up the animals in pairs to go into the ark.
Our books for the week.
Lining up her animal cracker snacks to go into the ark in pairs.

We talked a lot about rainbows being "God's promise for his Love" -- so obviously we ate lots of Fruit Loops!

Ella loves these little puzzles - we did these during Creation Week. She is getting better at the puzzles with 4 pieces. Again, this is from

 This was our first ever big girl puzzle. She did really well, but it was a little frustrating.

She was so proud.
Adding a rainbow sticker to her coloring sheet.
This was our first time doing anything with clothespins - matching up the numbers on the end of the clothespins with the same number of items in the slice of the pie. She loved it and did really well with it.
Zoo Matching - she loves using the markers and the wipes to clean them off.
And with rainbow colored Twizzlers.
And eating them!
Animal Lotto and matching.

10 foot long train puzzle. She did this all by herself, beside trying to put T in after E. But other than that - no help from me. It was an awesome distraction while I made dinner.
Twizzler rainbow.
We read 1,2,3, to the Zoo and used our matching flashcards to make the train ourselves.
animal flashcards. (Apparently Ariel and Ariel went on the ark too)

Letter N sorting in the ark.

Using all of our baby food pouch lids to make a rainbow. 

Making a fruit loop necklace - she loved this - and keep sneaking loops!

Animal dice and graphing. We did this during creation week and she did so much better this week - like she actually got what we were doing - so encouraging!

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  1. I can NOT believe you had been hanging onto the ark this whole time! I remember looking for that 2 years ago!!!