Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Macaron Making - Take One

Josh and I have decided to spend our winter date nights in the pursuit of perfect macarons. I've always heard, as everyone else has, that macarons are the hardest cookie to master and just general all around hoopla surrounding them. I few months back Josh and I talked about trying to find a local place with really great macarons - and well that didn't go far. We tried a local bakery, which we really do love on all other accounts, but their macarons were terrible. And....we tried no further.

In October we went to a wedding and for dessert they had fabulously delicious macarons made by the bride's cousin. [She is opening a new store in Poland, Ohio soon: Bake me Treats]. We were inspired.

3 days later I was at a book club meeting, and the host had macarons out as well.

I took this as the official sign we should learn to master the cookie as well.

We decided to convert our weekly date nights into cookie classes. I'll be blogging through our progress and recipes this winter.

The first time, we just used the tools we had on hand - parchment paper and our pipping bags and tip. The end result was fine, they tasted fabulous, but we definitely were missing the mark.

Here is the recipe we used to start. We chose this for 3 reasons.
1. The quantities seemed to be scaled back a bit - so we didn't have to put as many resources into the process.
2. It was pumpkin flavored - no brainer.
3. The measurements didn't require a scale.

I will say that although the recipe comes from a vegetarian site, there really is nothing different in the recipe from any other macaron one.

We don't have a kitchen aid mixer (Santa, PLEASE!!!!!) so our mixing times are crazy off and makes it hard to judge if the meringue is done. Which, if you have ever made macarons, you know is key.

Overall - this recipe was fine - and the taste was great, we just didn't hit the consistency right.

Anyways - here are a few photos.

And our wine for the night: 

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